Ketchikan Wellness Coalition



The Cost of Substance Abuse Task Force is dedicated to finding avenues to reduce substance abuse in Ketchikan. The members of the task force are volunteers from various walks of life; from the counselors to mothers of recovering addicts, all coming together for the good of the community. Our main purpose is to provide assistance and recommendations for the continuous improvement of awareness and education in regard to substance abuse. We invite the community to join our task force. It takes all of us working together to achieve success, especially with something as broad and large as substance abuse.



A community where alcohol and substance abuse are not tolerated.



Provide education and prevention materials to adults and youth in the community regarding alcohol and substance abuse and stigma attachment.

Current Activities

•  National Night Out

•  Red Ribbon Week

•  Prescription Drug Disposal

•  Underage Drinking Campaign

Current Task Force Members


Renee Schofield—Facilitator

Ginny Clay

Paul Hook

Cindi Byrd

Alan Bengaard

Evan Phillips

Lew Williams

Eimy Anzueto

Lorie Hodne

Glenn Brown

Pat Shaner

Janalee Gage

Craig Ward


602 Dock Street, Suite 108

Ketchikan, AK 99901

(907) 225-9355